Being born in late August makes Thea a Leo, which explains her exuberance and her enthusiasm, as well as her passion for the things she loves the most. Take storms for example - wrapping up in a blanket surrounded by her favourite chocolate (peanut M&M’s and Magic Stars) and kicking back to watch the rain pouring and the lightning bolts lighting up the sky is Thea’s idea of a Sunday well spent. Her confidence shows in her impeccable taste in fashion; she is a strong believer in ‘dressing to impress’ and is partial to ‘fabulous shoes’ and ‘fabulous handbags’ and a little bit of bling - you could say she is, in a word, fabulous.


Music is a huge part of Thea’s life and she often finds herself listening to some of the most iconic women in the industry. Some of her favourite artists include Beyonce, Whitney Housten and Rhianna as she admires them for their strength and confidence. Thea was just four years old when she first began following in these women’s footsteps. After being given the lead in a school play, she knew that she was destined to perform and began her training at PQA but eventually grew out of musical theatre. This led her to Big Help Music where she developed her singing voice along with the art of song writing and solo performance - she hasn’t looked back since.


Being a part of such a diverse industry has allowed her to meet bundles of amazing people and has opened so many doors for her, including Maddison Skies. Excited is not the word for how she feels. The thought of forming a tight-knit family with the other girls, being on a TV set and developing a work ethic that most adults would envy sets her heart on fire. However, despite all the evidence that would suggest otherwise, Thea is not superhuman and just like anybody else starting a new venture, she has her queries, but she knows that she and the other girls will have each other’s backs. After all, that’s what family is for.


Thea is a performer at heart and would love to continue doing it for a long time, but she can also see herself walking other paths, too. Becoming a fashion journalist and working with quintessential companies like Vogue and Cosmopolitan is high on her list of dreams, as well as settling down with the guy of her dreams someday and having lots and lots of children to fill up her house and continue her legacy. Her determination and ambition are evident and there’s nothing to say she won’t achieve all of this and more.