Gracie May

If it was pouring rain outside, Gracie would put on her raincoat and wellies and run straight outside with her siblings. A true Aries at heart, Gracie is courageous, honest, driven and bursting at the seams with energy. Maybe it’s because of all the chocolate… She’s like a sparkler, burning bright and glittering for all to see.


Her courage and spontaneity came into play at the age of seven when, on a whim she auditioned for The Sound of Music at her local theatre. Little did little Grace know, she’d end up playing the part of Gretel and falling in love with the stage. Since the age of nine, she has been coming further and further out of her shell at Spirit Young Performers Company. Music is a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of her life in showbiz and she finds it a lot easier to relax and unwind when listening to softer artists such as Billie Eilish, Maddison Beer and Sabrina Claudio.


Nothing else in the world excites Gracie as much as performing. She lives for the buzz it gives her and she spends a lot of time learning new songs and recording them for her social media pages. For Gracie, there’s something inherently satisfying about starting from scratch with either a song or a script and turning into something fantastic. While the end result is important, the process and journey of getting to that result is equally as gratifying.


Maddison Skies is an opportunity like no other and Gracie is looking forward to making memories with the band, ones she’ll be able to treasure for the rest of her life. This new chapter is also going to give her a chance to make a name for herself. A name that is surely going to end up in lights someday. Luckily, she is so high up on cloud nine that negativity and nervousness can’t reach her. With her taste for the spotlight and her endless, expansive energy, there’s no doubt that Gracie is going to do big things.